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AFV Cat Makes it into the Big Time!

Five years ago I adopted a cat from the old Wildomar AFV facility.  I had to take him as a foster mom because he was ill and didn't weigh enough to warrant an adoption.  The poor little guy wouldn't eat and could barely keep his eyes open.  I took him to two or three different vets (one even wanted to do a full blood transfusion), and ended up with several medications including nose sprays.  It was difficult getting that nose spray into a 1.5lb kitten's tiny nose!!  Anyway, Zack finally came around.  Although he is still small, he is feisty and fun.

I entered a video of Zack into Purina Friskies National 2013 contest and unbelievably Zack was one out of 20 finalists. 

I am so glad we took Zack when we did and were able to nurse him back to health.

Thank you Animal Friends of the Valleys.

Linda Carroll



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